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DuPage County Recorder

DuPage County, Illinois

I know of no higher calling than to serve others and to serve with honor, integrity, and treat others with the dignity they deserve.
~ Babette Holder Youngberg

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The QUALIFIED Candidate for the job...

    30 years of service industry career path
    Real Estate industry experience
    Small business owner
    40 years as a DuPage Resident
    Wheaton Mom/District 200
    North Central College Parent
    A national speaker
    Charitable activities with a women’s organization (Soroptimist International) supporter of military active duty and veterans (American Legion, VFW)
    Diversity coalition leadership with RNC
    20 years politically involved
    President of Frederick Douglass Foundation IL.

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Babette Holder Youngberg

Babette is married and has two daughters. She has been a grade school classroom volunteer mom in Wheaton, a lunchtime playground supervisor and volunteer driver for transporting the orchestra instruments when her violinist daughter was in middle school.

Babette has been a Milton Township Republican Committeeman since 2008, has worked for several candidates seeking public offices at various government levels. A national speaker and advocate for the Republican Party.

 I know of no higher calling than to serve others and to serve with honor, integrity, and treat others with the dignity they deserve. 
~ Babette Holder Youngberg

Notable individuals and organiztions that have publicly endorsed Babette Holder Youngberg for Dupage County Recorder of Deeds.
Note: This is not a full listing of endorsements for Babette.
Fred Bucholz, current DuPage County Recorder of Deeds - Multiple Candidates Emerge for DuPage Recorder Seat
Rick Carney, former DuPage County Recorder of Deeds
United Hellenic Voters of America - UHVA 2020 Endorsement List
Italian American Political Coalition - Italian American Political Coalition
Winfield Townshp Republican Party, Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Winfield Township Republican Party endorses Babette Holder Youngberg for Recorder of Deeds
Daily Harold 6/27/2019
Multiple Candidates Emerge for DuPage Recorder Seat

The general election is still 16 months away but at least four candidates already say they plan to run for recorder of deeds in DuPage County. Republican Babette Holder-Youngberg of Wheaton, Republican Ronald Almiron of Wheaton, Democrat Moon Khan of Lombard and Democrat Jennifer Ladisch-Douglass of Elmhurst all have announced they are running for the countywide seat held by Republican Fred Bucholz.

Holder-Youngberg even has the endorsement of Bucholz, who is planning to retire after four terms in office.

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Press Release from campaign 1/20/2020
Female Republican Countywide Candidate embroiled in appeal battle over use of Maiden and Martial surnames

Wheaton, Illinois, January 4, 2020 – Republican candidate for DuPage County Recorder of Deeds, Babette Holder Youngberg is once again being challenged by her Republican primary opponent Ron Almiron through an acquaintance of his, over the use of her two surnames, Holder Youngberg on her petitions for ballot access.

In the electoral board hearing review of MARK J. TARNOWSKI, Petitioner-Objector vs BABETTE HOLDER YOUNGBERG and BABETTE YOUNGBERG, Respondent -Candidate, it was decided that “Electoral Board found that the name used on the Nominating Papers by the Candidate comports with the Election Code, 10 ICS 517-10.2 and therefore therefore, duly qualified to be a Candidate for the Office sought, Recorder of DuPage County.

Babette states, “I had my all my candidacy paperwork including my petitions prepared and reviewed by legal counsel prior to circulation as well as prior to filing my candidate packet. I feel that as a woman my opponent is using last minute desperation tactics to cheat the voters from choosing the candidate they want to send forth to the general election this November by attacking the use of my maiden name as well as my marital name or the ballot. Women today have the choice to use two surnames, hyphenated or not, and in some cultures it is a centuries long tradition. I also believe it gives the voters full transparency as to how I have been addressed as, by many throughout the county.”

Babette Holder Youngberg is a candidate for DuPage County Recorder, has resided in DuPage County for over 40 years now and is married and raising her two daughters in Wheaton Illinois.

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